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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.    What is the warranty on your machines?

A.    Our machines are covered by 1 year parts, 90 days labour.


Q.    Are your machines ESA approved?

A.    Yes.  All of our machines are ESA approved by special inspection.


Q.    Are your machines CSA approved?

A.    CSA inspection is available if requested.


Q.    If I purchased my machine second hand can I still get parts and service for it?

A.   Yes you can.  We stand behind everything we manufacture.


Q.    Can I purchase directly from you?

A.    Sorry.  We sell only through our authorized distributors.


Q.    Do you sell used equipment?

A.    Sorry.  We sell only new equipment.  However some of our distributors do carry used equipment.


Q.    I own or have purchased used equipment that is in need of an overhaul.  Can you overhaul our equipment?

A.    Yes we can.  You can contact us to make arrangements and receive a quote.  We can provide a complete

                rebuild service that includes a tear down, re-paint, rebuild and test.  Or a basic overhaul that includes

                repair and replace and testing.


Q    What if I have a product that would require modifications to a standard machine?

A.    We can usually make modifications to suit your products needs.  We would require a sample of the product

                to better advise you.


Q.    What if my product is unusual and will not run on a standard automatic machine?

A.     After we see a sample of the product we can better advise you if in fact it can be run.  Our years of experience allows us to

                give you an honest answer.